Do you believe, that what you believe, is really real?
Or is it a Story in a book and just part of your imagination?
Is your perception of God an Old grey haird guy up in the clouds?
Is it a residual image of mans conceived Image of Jesus Christ?
Are you aware of how terribly the Devil has deceived the whole world and kept Gods people from knowing him in TRUTH?
Do you know his voice from within and follow him?
Do you want to know his “LIVE” Voice and follow him?
Do you want to do what he Says, or What man Says he says?
Do you know what man says he says is an INCOMPLETE and deadly deceptive Lie?
Do you Know how Very Close we are to the END of ALL Life on Earth?
Are you ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE you will be Saved and READY For your ETERNAL Life, Either in Heaven -or- Hell?

If you believe in God: the creator of all things on the scale of this universe?
Do you not believe he created it all for a reason?
Do you not believe the wisdom, knowledge, power and planning it took to create all this “Stuff” you and me and everything else in the universe that was formed out of careful planning and that it all is built exactly as he ordained it to be?
Do you not believe that the very reason this world is so full of hatred, bullying, crime, wickedness, immoral sex, abortion, killing, war, sickness and death is because God has an adversary who is absolutely against him and desires to corrupt and destroy Gods perfect creation?

Do you not believe that adversary has been here on earth since the beginning, causing mankind to be blind to this war within us and unwilling, unable to submit to the creator’s perfect plan of creation?

I implore you to thoroughly browse this blog. I believe you will See just how the bible, God, Christ, the devil, heaven and hell is totally, physically, spiritually REAL and TRUE. I believe you will have an awakening to the truth of God, his word and who “The Christ is”?
Please do not assume that everything you have been taught throughout your life is entirely true. I am always open to receive conviction of error and WILL Be convicted. I don’t have any degree’s or PHD’s. I Have a G.E.D and the best teacher in the universe. His Name is Jesus, He does dwell within and I am SO blessed to have him there. I plead you to do what the bible tells us to do, reprove, rebuke and exhort with all long suffering, in season or out of season if you think I am wrong. For that is exactly what I am doing here, yes, this is a challenge.

I am convicted already by the Holy Ghost himself that the current world of Christian evangelism has utterly twisted and distorted truth, not entirely, just enough to blind us from the absolute truth keeping us from knowing God. I don’t just believe, I know, Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, who died on the cross to “cleans” us of our sin and save us from an eternity in hell. (Not pretend sin is not there or that it is covered and harmless) There is and will be a life after death, after our flesh ceases to animate. There is a Heaven and Hell. There will be a final Judgment. (Coming soon, sooner than you might think). I know the teachings today DO NOT teach us how all this is applied to our Lives, Does not give us a true perspective of what it means and the effects it SHOULD have on our lives in this life we are now in. Does not teach us how to truly view the severity and danger of sin. Does not teach us how to truly BE, ON, the Right path.